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Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising

In October 2018, I and a few other digital marketing professionals bagged the Facebook Blueprint Buying and Planning certifications. Not only was it a hard-fought and hard-won exam, but it also opened up some interesting opportunities. This is what has birthed Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising. In the month since bagging the certificate, I have been […]

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Building For Scale

Success in any venture, either business, pleasure or even life itself, is very deliberate. In other words, Success does not happen by chance. This is one of the key points i try to drive home to business owners who attend my training sessions. In 2018, i have had the privilege of sharing knowledge with over […]

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The Journey to Facebook Certification

This past week has been one of the most intense for me in my Digital Marketing journey.  A little background. As a digital marketing executive, one of the greatest challenges is getting results for your clients. Often times, there are many reasons your campaigns fail or are unable to deliver on the results.  A good […]

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Digital Marketing for Business Owners

Often times, business owners take to Facebook and Instagram to try and find more customers and increase sales, and more often than not, the results they get are not as expected. A common scenario is to run an advert that ends up having lots of views, lots of likes, few comments, if any, and zero […]

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How to connect your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Page

You probably already know that Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram is currently the fastest growing mobile community having recently reached 1 billion active users. (June, 2018). Businesses are turning to Instagram to engage their customers in visual formats and you are probably looking at doing the same. To enjoy the maximum benefits of both Facebook and […]

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BB005 – Does Your Business Really Need a Website?

7 Essential Things To Consider Before Building a Website For Your Business. Websites are fantastic tools in the hands of the right people. Your website is your online branch that never sleeps, and as such it is mostly the first impression people will have about your business. But the real question is do you really […]

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BB004 – Valentine Uba, Creator and Curator of African Cartoons

In this episode of the Business Bits podcast, we talk with the young award-winning Valentine Uba, CEO of Nicademia, an online distribution platform for African Inspired Cartoons. Valentine tells us about the prevalent thirst across the world for good African content and how they are helping to bring back Nigerian indigenous languages to children. Nicademia, […]

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BB003 – Abiodun Folawiyo Speaks Starting Out a Business

Abiodun Folawiyo is a the CEO of Shoespeed Interglobal Services, makers of high quality hand made shoes in Lagos, Nigeria. Abiodun walks us through his experience running his shoe business which he started over 16 years ago.We talk about the changing business landscapes and the correlations that smart entrepreneurs can draw from industries different from […]

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