Question 8 – I work as a motion graphics artist – multimedia producer. I want to ask how do I get my content or ads to my targeted audience? Is it all about doing sponsored ads?

Absolutely. First step is to create a visible brand on Facebook and Instagram. Most especially Instagram, because your work is all about visuals. Your content must speak for itself! If i watch your content, I must immediately be thinking: “Meeeehn, i need to reach out to this guy to make something for me” Yes, you will […]

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Question 4 – Let’s say I have an idea for an App would it be better to get a developer to work on it or I should go ahead to develop it myself?

Great question. I have had this same problem myself, so i can understand the concerns. On the one hand, you are worried about whether your idea might be stolen if you hire a developer to work on it. On the other hand it can take a whole lot of time to learn app development to […]

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Question 3 – Digital marketing seems to have a rather broad spectrum, is it possible to concentrate on one aspect say creating content?

Absolutely. Digital Marketing is really quite wide and is very fast paced. Things change very quickly in the digital marketing space and its a good idea to know what areas of strength you have and concentrate on that So if content creation is your thing, by all means, focus on it and help businesses create […]

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