Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

As a certified Digital Marketing professional, one of the most popular questions I get asked by small businesses is how to make sense of the whole social media thing for their business. The fact is that it can be a little daunting, for most business people. This is one of the reasons why I put together this very practical online course for business owners. Its digital marketing training without all the technical language.

This online course is specially designed for business owners who want to grow their businesses online in the right way. It leads you through the correct way to set up your business on various digital platforms while avoiding the common pitfalls.

Covered in the course are platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, Google My Business and a general overview of online advertising on both Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads.

Business owners who take this course are sure to get a deep understanding of how social media platforms work for business, how to position their business for visibility, but more importantly, how to spend advertising funds efficiently and wisely while getting the desired results.

This digital marketing course is fully online. Students will log in to the learning platform and start learning on their own. The Digital Marketing course currently contains 43 simple videos and PDF resources.

Benefits of the Digital Marketing Course

This online course is extremely detailed in the information it passes across and it takes you from the very beginning up to intermediate level.

  • Self-paced learning – You can log in at any time, at your convenience and continue learning.
  • Questions and Answers – You can ask questions on any of the lessons and I will personally answer all of them
  • Future-Proof – As new features are released by the platforms, I update the course with relevant information, at no additional cost to you.
  • Lifetime Access – Yes, lifetime access. You can keep the course for as long as you want.
  • Insider Bonuses – As a student of my course, I often time organize insider bonuses that only students can get.

Discount for you, for finding this course.

The Digital Marketing for Business Owners online course sells for N15,000, but for finding this page, you get it at only N5,000. Only available for the rest of February 2020.

Ready to jump on? Buy here! N5,000

Digital Marketing Course Outline

The Course outline is quite extensive as it takes business owners through all the major social media platforms in an easy to understand language. All Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp are covered extensively.

  • What is Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Course Outline
    • Definition of Digital Marketing
    • Organic and Paid Marketing
    • Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Facebook For Business
    • Creating a Facebook Business Page
    • The Page Manager App – Adding other people to Manage your Page
    • Effective Messaging and Personalization
    • Your Facebook Content Strategy
    • Scheduling posts
    • Facebook Live
  • Instagram for Business
    • Creating or switching to Instagram business profile
    • Hashtags
    • IGTV
    • Instagram Stories
    • Instagram Live
    • Instagram for Imagery (Your Content strategy)
  • WhatsApp for Business
    • Getting Started – Installing WhatsApp Business
    • Greeting Message,
    • Away Messages
    • Labels
    • Quick Replies,
    • Your WhatsApp Business short link
  • Google My Business
    • Getting Started – Installing Google My Business
    • Posting Content on Google My Business
  • Advertising With Facebook
    • Strategies for Advertising
    • Boosting posts on Facebook
    • Promoting posts on Instagram
    • Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK
    • Facebook Ads with Ads Manager
  • Advertising with Google
    • Introduction to SEO and SEM
    • Differences between SEO and SEM
    • Demonstration of SEO and SEM
    • Google Ads Campaign Structure
    • Sign up for Google Ads
    • Setting up Google Ads Search Campaign
    • Setting up Google Ads Search Campaign 2
    • Google Analytics
    • Installing Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

Things to Note

This digital marketing course is fully online. For security reasons, video lessons cannot be downloaded. The online course is hosted in the FlyMyAds Academy on Teachable. For the best experience, you should take the course on a computer, but a mobile phone (viewing in landscape mode) will still work just as fine.

To enroll for this course, You can either make an online payment on Paystack or chat with me privately for account details. After payment, you will be enrolled in the course. Remember this discount is only available to you for the rest of February 2020.

See you on the inside.




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