[Double Announcement] - Learn Web Design in 4 Hours + Introducing e-Learning Platform

Learn Web Design in 4 Hours

Before i had to learn web design, I had been in love with technology and the endless possibilities it presents daily. I have been building websites for almost 10 years now, and in that time, i have had the pleasure of building websites for some really interesting people and businesses. Building websites has made me a lot of money and still does. I currently run a web consultancy firm where i help businesses optimize their websites, to help them make more money online.

Today, i have the double pleasure of announcing a double launch! The launch of my Web Design Course: Build Your Website in 4 Hours, as well as the launch of the platform on which it would be sold: LEARNER.

As a digital native and internet entrepreneur, my work experience points me in the direction that the future of work will be even more digital. As at today, many of the tasks we complete for our clients are remote. Up to 70% of web design jobs are executed remotely without ever even meeting with the client physically.

Digital Learning

This also points to the future of learning. In 2009, right after NYSC, when i began learning web design, i did it via a combination of one physical class and a multitude of online google searches. Skip College, Google your Education! Today, learning has taken a very different form. People take courses online, at their pace or in a regimented form, with tutors who are thousands of miles away.

Today i launch a complete course on Web Design using the most popular content management system on the planet, WordPress. The course hand-holds the students right from the very beginning till the end. Buying domain names and hosting, the dos and don’ts, setting up WordPress on your server, building your website to launch stage and connecting it to your social media platforms.

The course: Build Your Website in 4 Hours using WordPress, is a compilation of over 4hrs of videos that takes the student through the web design process step by step. The course is targeted at anyone who is interested in learning web design. School leavers, undergrads, graduates, the unemployed etc. It is also recommended for business owners who need to have a good handle on managing their own business websites, and turning it into an efficient money making tool as was intended when it was commissioned.

WordPress as a web design tool is really easy to master, and this course makes it a world easier. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try.

This leads me to the next announcement. How do you sell a video course online without leaking revenue? Without your hard work falling into the hands of content thieves? In short, how do you make money from selling your digitized knowledge, in a secure safe manner?

As you may have noticed, these were the questions i was also trying to answer for my web design course. So i went ahead and built a solution that you can also enjoy.

Introducing Learner. Knowledge in Motion.

An online platform where you can sell your expertise in form of videos. So, not only will i be selling my Web Design course on Learner, i am also inviting you to come and sell your expertise on the platform.

If you’ve got something you are really passionate about teaching, then we can together put Learner on the map as a learning resource for our people, or for the people of the world.

As a launch offer, the fist 100 people to buy the Web Design course will get it at 90% 0ff when it launches in March 2018. So if you’d like to be a part of this fastest fingers 100 people, please head over to Learner right now to drop off your email address. You will be notified adequately before the launch.

If you would like to learn more about selling your own course on Learner, you can slide into my WhatsApp for Business at +234 0907 149 9226, or send an email to learn [at] learner dot com dot ng

Thank You.

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