[Resolved] - Facebook Payments with PayU

Enable PayU option for your Facebook Ads, pay with your bank cards

The video below shows you how to enable the PayU method for your Facebook Ads. You will need to have created a Business Manager Account and an Ad Account withing your Business Manager before this video can be useful to you. Read this tutorial on how to create the Business Manager and Ad Account.

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  • Lukeman August 3, 2022   Reply →

    Hi, thanks for the info. However, the payu tab is not loading

    • Ayodeji August 3, 2022   Reply →

      How do you mean not loading? Does the business manager already have a payment method? If this is so, it likely overrides the payu

  • Kach December 22, 2022   Reply →

    please i keep getting content blocked when trying to load up the PayU link on facebook

    • Ayodeji December 24, 2022   Reply →

      Could it be your internet connection? Switch your connection and try again.

  • Fatimah February 14, 2023   Reply →

    Can the payu method work on an existing ad account ?

    • Ayodeji February 14, 2023   Reply →

      The existing and account will already have a payment method. If it’s not PayU, there’s no way to add it.

      So the only way is to create a new one according to the instructions

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