Question 9 – What SEO best practices can be used to generate traffic to a website?

Aaah, SEO! SEO is Search Engine Optimization! It means you have optimized your website for certain keywords, so that if those keywords are searched for on search engines, your website will popup as a search result.

Now, how do you do this? There are whole lot of rules around it, but what you need to understand is this: You must have on your website, written articles about the area of topic, and each article must have the keywords you are ranking for. The number of times the keywords appear in the article cannot be too few, and they cannot be too much, it has to be just right.

So for instance, if you were to search Google for “How to make payments for Facebook and Instagram ads” My blog is gonna come up as one of the results, this is because I have an article that deals with the matter on my blog.

SEO is important because, if done right, its free traffic. Its also important because if someone is searching google for some information, then it means they need it. If they are searching for a remedy to a health problem and you have an article that pops up as a search result, then this can easily lead to sales for you.

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