The Journey to Facebook Certification

With a Shiny New Badge

This past week has been one of the most intense for me in my Digital Marketing journey. 

A little background.

As a digital marketing executive, one of the greatest challenges is getting results for your clients. Often times, there are many reasons your campaigns fail or are unable to deliver on the results. 

A good digital marketing professional will bend backwards to unearth the reasons those campaigns fail to deliver results. The reasons are often very revealing and if addressed can save an erstwhile under-performing campaign.

This past week, I, and a host of about Forty other trainers, had the pleasure of meeting a great trainer, Magdalena Wiewiórowska, from Facebook.

Her job was to, in three days, prepare us for the Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams. This Certification demonstrates an advanced level of competence across the Facebook Family of Apps and Services. It is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook Recognizes amongst any external individual, professional or partner.

The Blueprint Certification consists of three different exams.

  1. Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional
  3. Facebook Certified Planning Professional

To become certified, you need to take two exams. Core competencies exam, which is a prerequisite, and either the Buying or Planning Professional Exams. You can also decide to take all three.

As a part of the Boost Your Business with Facebook Training Program which has been on since March 2018, trainers from this program and other sister programs by Facebook were provided with an opportunity to take part in the certification exercise.

This certification is not for the faint-hearted. In the coming days and weeks i would share in as much detail as i can, how Facebook can skyrocket your marketing efforts.

Would you like to see my shiny new certification badge?

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