Question 10 – Can you throw more light on email marketing and viral marketing?

The first step in Email marketing is building a list of loyal followers. As a business owner, you can do this by collecting email addresses of your customers or potential customers either offline with pen and paper in your office or online via your website. That’s the first step.

The second, more important step, is putting a plan around this email marketing. You must plan to send emails on a regular basis to this list of loyal followers you are building, otherwise, why build the list in the first place?

These regular emails is what is commonly known as newsletters, and in one email, you can have several different content that you feel are relevant to your audience. If you have used Taxify in Nigeria, you probably would have been getting emails from Uche from Taxify!

There are Software that help you easily manage email marketing. Examples are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendgrid, Mad Mini etc. Maichimp being my favourite.

Viral Marketing! Wheew!

There are many buzz words you will hear in Digital Marketing. some of them are just buzz words and might just confuse you more. But Viral marketing aims to create a systems that makes your content go viral. Everytime. I’d rather prefer to dress down the concept to viral content, rather than viral marketing.

So the question is can you create content that goes viral all the time? Maybe. But most times, its content that is unplanned that goes viral Remember Mr Spells, spelling Buhari? And the little girl that wanted to go to school so bad, cant remember her name now.

Can you create similar content for business, my answer remains Maybe!

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