Question 12 – Should I build a website for my upcoming fashion business?

What kind of website do you best suggest for my upcoming Fashion Business. I have a facebook page for my business and people keep asking about my website. Please kindly expanciate the pros and cons

An effective website can be a substantial cost to your business. Not only that, there is a total cost of ownership that is associated that might only become apparent to you later on.

This is what i mean.

For your website to be effective and make you money, you must regularly update the website with fashion wears you are selling.

If you are tech savvy, and with a little training, you might be able to do this on your own, even if it might not be the best use of your time.

If you are not tech savvy, you are going to need to hire someone to do this. This is an additional cost to your business.

A website requires yearly renewal of the domain name and hosting, usually not so expensive, but a cost you must plan for all the same.

You also have to consider that your target audience is only looking for somewhere to see more of your items, and there are great alternatives to websites for that.

Enters Instagram.

Your business is all about the visuals and Instagram is a very effective free “website” for you.

Also consider that in today’s world, people looking for fashion designers will search instagram first before they search Google. So go ahead and set up yourself on Instagram, use the right hashtags to get found easily.

Also make sure you transform your Instagram account into an Instagram Business Profile. There are lots of benefits from there.

So at the start, i do not think you need a website.

If your orders on Instagram become so many that you are unable to track them effectively, then go ahead and build a website. You will already have enough income to be able to support the website.

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