Question 4 – Let’s say I have an idea for an App would it be better to get a developer to work on it or I should go ahead to develop it myself?

Great question.

I have had this same problem myself, so i can understand the concerns.

On the one hand, you are worried about whether your idea might be stolen if you hire a developer to work on it. On the other hand it can take a whole lot of time to learn app development to the level where you can comfortably build an app for yourself, and hopefully make money.

Now here are some considerations:

This idea, if you drill down to it, you might find out that what is needed first is not an app, but something simpler than an app. What i means is: First take that idea to the next stage and validate it.

Who does the idea serve? What problem does it solve? Who Will pay for the solution your app is providing? Can you go ahead and sell to 50 or 100 people first? If you can sell to 100 people and there are requests for more sales, your idea has been validated.

You will soon need a Team around this small growing business. Trust me, business is best run with a partner, just like life is best gone through with a spouse. And just as in life, you should carefully select a spouse, in business you should carefully select a partner.

If after validation of your idea and you still need an app, your partner should be someone who can build an app. This is not to say you cannot pay developers to build an app for you, but it is always best to establish that this app idea already has an income stream before going ahead to pay people to build an app for you.

The cost of maintaining an app can be high. So make sure you have income first.

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