Question 3 – Digital marketing seems to have a rather broad spectrum, is it possible to concentrate on one aspect say creating content?

Absolutely. Digital Marketing is really quite wide and is very fast paced. Things change very quickly in the digital marketing space and its a good idea to know what areas of strength you have and concentrate on that So if content creation is your thing, by all means, focus on it and help businesses create […]

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Question 2 – If I want to get into digital marketing as a career or business, what would I need to do to get started?

A good way to get started is to become a social media manager by managing social media pages for businesses. This means you will be posting relevant business content on those business pages in order to attract customers. You can then start to take free courses that teach you a lot of in-depth digital marketing […]

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Stop Leaving Money On The Table

In my line of business, which is mostly digital, I’m constantly intrigued by how lives are affected by things which are strictly digital. My favourite example is Uber. My friend from eastern Nigeria has been in Lagos for about 2 months. Her blackberry smart phone, sadly, isn’t uber compatible. So, to get around, she sometimes […]

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