How to connect your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Page

You probably already know that Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram is currently the fastest growing mobile community having recently reached 1 billion active users. (June, 2018). Businesses are turning to Instagram to engage their customers in visual formats and you are probably looking at doing the same.

To enjoy the maximum benefits of both Facebook and Instagram for connecting to your audience, especially for running ads, you would need to connect your Instagram Page to your Facebook Page.

The best way to do this is from Facebook, using your computer or on mobile using the Facebook Pages Manager app. It is also important to switch your Instagram Page to a Business Profile to get added advantages such as Insights easier access to your business by your potential customers on Instagram.

Connect your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page using your Computer

  1. On your computer, login to Facebook and go to your Facebook Page.
  2. At the top of your page click Settings

3. Click on Instagram in the left pane.

4. Login to your Instagram account:


That’s it. Once your Facebook and Instagram Pages are connected, they are seen as a unit, a business. The benefits of doing this are as listed in the screenshot above and much more. As stated earlier, it is important to switch your Instagram Page to a Business Profile to get added advantage.

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