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Question 8 – I work as a motion graphics artist – multimedia producer. I want to ask how do I get my content or ads to my targeted audience? Is it all about doing sponsored ads?

Absolutely. First step is to create a visible brand on Facebook and Instagram. Most especially Instagram, because your work is all about visuals. Your content must speak for itself! If i watch your content, I must immediately be thinking: “Meeeehn, i need to reach out to this guy to make something for me” Yes, you will […]

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Question 4 – Let’s say I have an idea for an App would it be better to get a developer to work on it or I should go ahead to develop it myself?

Great question. I have had this same problem myself, so i can understand the concerns. On the one hand, you are worried about whether your idea might be stolen if you hire a developer to work on it. On the other hand it can take a whole lot of time to learn app development to […]

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