cbn loans and how to access them

CBN Loans and how to access them

CBN loans have been a hot topic in Nigeria amongst Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for a while now. Many MSMEs have tried to access these low-interest loans and failed. Many of these MSMEs don’t even believe that the funds are really available for MSMEs. The Central Bank of Nigeria together with other MSME […]

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EDC SME Conference Ayodeji Agboola


What will they teach me in Business School sef that I don’t already know? This was me in 2015 when I thought I already had the hang of business. When your father’s farm is the only one you know, you will think it is the biggest. Precisely on the 7th of September, 2015, I had a […]

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Question 8 – I work as a motion graphics artist – multimedia producer. I want to ask how do I get my content or ads to my targeted audience? Is it all about doing sponsored ads?

Absolutely. First step is to create a visible brand on Facebook and Instagram. Most especially Instagram, because your work is all about visuals. Your content must speak for itself! If i watch your content, I must immediately be thinking: “Meeeehn, i need to reach out to this guy to make something for me” Yes, you will […]

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