Busy or Productive?

There’s Busy…

And there’s Productive!

They aren’t the same.

While you are most likely busy while being productive, you can be busy without being productive.

As business owners, having a clear idea of the time value of money is one of the things we must master very quickly.

What is the value of your time? How much is it worth to you?

There are only so many working hours in a day, and productive people have mastered the art of making time count.

What tasks do you find yourself doing in your prime time of work? Do you push the valuable tasks till later and fuss over the menial tasks because they are easier? Or do you take a minute to organise your tasks in order of financial importance and attack them, most profitable tasks first?

Remembers Pareto’s principle? The 80-20 Rule. 20% of your activities will bring you 80% of your results.

20% of customer will bring 80% revenue. Keep these customers happy-est.

20% of your weekly tasks will bring 80% of the needed results. Face the profitable tasks first.

20% of the trainings you attend will bring 80% of the results you’re seeking. Don’t be a training junkie, act!

The people you meet? 20%

Family? 20%

Achieving productivity is critical to success. Productivity means understanding the value of your time and using that valuable time to execute the most valuable tasks they are likely to bring the most valuable results.

Don’t be a ship bobbing on the ocean. Plenty of motion, no movement.


Discern the difference!

Be productive!

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