Stop Leaving Money On The Table

In my line of business, which is mostly digital, I’m constantly intrigued by how lives are affected by things which are strictly digital.

My favourite example is Uber. My friend from eastern Nigeria has been in Lagos for about 2 months. Her blackberry smart phone, sadly, isn’t uber compatible. So, to get around, she sometimes calls me to help order uber.

After a few taps and flicks on my phone, a chauffeured car arrives at her doorstep to take her wherever she wants, and it’s not even on my tab.

Even though I’m a tech enthusiast, it’s still intriguing to know that you can get a car to any address, and have them pick up passengers to anywhere. Without me moving an inch, without a single phone call.

That’s the power of a well engineered software.

Many well engineered softwares litter the business landscape. From managing customers to automating emails to promoting your businesses, these softwares directly or indirectly impact lives and fortunes.

Most times, the only constraint is knowing what software to use and how to use it. Over the years, softwares have evolved; they have become more powerful and more sophisticated, and with this sophistication comes the headache of simplifying it for everyday users to use.

In the world of digital marketing for instance, so many services exist that can help you get your goods and services in front of your target audience. What is simply a social media platform for many is a powerful business tool in the hands of others.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn adverts for reaching more leads, or using Facebook and Instagram for business can often make the difference between and successful business and an ailing one.

Everyone wants to make more sales per unit time, but it is incredibly amazing how only very few SMEs are actually doing any form of digital marketing. Why are they leaving money on the table for the competition? The only logical reason is that they do not know how to go about digital marketing and are most times too afraid to try.

In all honesty, it can be daunting to the untrained eye. And I remember my first attempt at Google AdWords. There were so many buttons and settings and options I didn’t understand. But you must also give credit to these software engineers and user experience specialists for being able to retool such enormous complex softwares and present a user friendly interface.

After building so many websites and pitching digital marketing to small businesses, I realised more and more convincingly that the best approach for small businesses willing to go digital is to have them do it themselves.

Many small businesses hardly have enough funds for marketing, let alone pay a specialist to handle it. Therefore the best way out is for them to acquire the skills to market themselves online effectively.

This is why I began putting together extensive training material across various areas of digital marketing. The fundamentals, Search Engine Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, email marketing etc.

If you find yourself needing to acquire some of these skills, then leave a note in the comments, or say a private hi. We will get you sorted.

Stop leaving money on the table for your competition.

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